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One of 4 major channels in Australia - "Channel 7" Case

Design Case

Channel 7, one of the four major TV stations in Australia, and Jimmy has designed the venue for the “My Kitchen Rules” show broadcasted in popular hours. After the show was released, the iron-scape designed by Jimmy was well received in the local area!


It is the lining outlined after planning and layout of the entire environmental space, and the visual focus shaped in the environment! This visual focus brought by iron will be involuntarily formed in the entire building and attracts people's attention.


The channel photographer in the episode has repeatedly lingered the scene on the iron art, and this is also the focus of the building environment.

Details of iron art works in the video as follows:

Comfort Space

The ant building is made of ants, and the hornet building is used for the hornets. Human buildings are of course used for humans. Ant because of its physical visual sense, and the space for its architecture is of course, suited for its physical sensation. The space required for our human home buildings is of course dependent on our human body vision and sensation, with foremost comfort and warmth.


That comfort and warmth, that is, the effect of visual sense. In terms of space, the visual sense is preferred to be more like three to one, commonly known as the golden ratio. Any decorations and furnishment leaving the visual zone of comfort and warmth are not suitable, because it loses comfort and warmth.

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